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    How to unlink an account from Family Link?

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    How to unlink an account from Family Link?

    How to unlink an account from Family Link?

    From smartphones and tablets Take, therefore, the Android device on which the Google account is in use, start the Family Link app for children and adolescents and tap the ≡ button (top left), then choose the Remove option account and press the Remove account button.

    How to remove Family Link without deleting the account?

    To uninstall Family Link on Android, scroll the pages of the device until you see the Family Link app, then press on it with your finger and hold until the horizontal menu appears, finally presses on the item "Disinst." and confirm by selecting the OK button.

    How do you remove the parental controls?

    In the Security section, click Settings. Click Parental Controls on the left side of the section. To enable the feature, make sure the Enable Internet Content Control box is checked. To disable it, clear the check box.

    How do you remove the parental controls from the Wii?

    Guide to Disabling Parental Controls on Nintendo Wii
    1. First of all, turn on the Nintendo Wii.
    2. Go to Family Filter and click on disable.
    3. When you are asked to enter your PIN, click on forgotten.
    4. At this point you will be asked the question to recover the pin, click again on forgotten.

    How to set up Nintendo Switch Parental Controls?

    Select "System Settings" on the HOME Menu. Scroll to "Parental Controls", then select "Parental Controls Settings". Enter the console parental control PIN.
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