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    How to unblock Unicredit website?

    How to unblock Unicredit website?

    How to unblock Unicredit website?

    If the service is blocked to unblock the service, access the entry page in the Customer Area and click "Reactivate the Service": fill in the fields with the required data (Membership Code, Tax Code, email address and mobile phone number ).

    Why don't you let me enter the Unicredit app?

    Keep in mind that on many occasions if the unicredit APP stops working due to a problem related to your specific user, to solve everything you have to completely delete the app from your device and you have to download it again, entering all your data from scratch.

    How to unblock Unicredit e-commerce payments?

    More specifically you will have to go to the cards section, you will have to select your credit card and you will have to go to the settings by clicking on the gear. From there you can finally Unblock the unicredit card for online purchases.

    How to recover m Unicredit Pin?

    If you have lost your mpin, you can recover it from the Bank via the Internet: enter the Customer Area and go to "Settings> Security> New Mobile PIN" and click on "Create". Alternatively, you can contact your branch.

    How to activate On-line Unicredit payments?

    1. choose the product / service you want on the merchant's website or app.
    2. select MyBank among the payment methods if applicable.
    3. choose UniCredit - Online Banking from the list of available banks.

    What is the Unicredit MPIN code?

    This is a unique 8-digit numeric code and can be used to access the service. Mobile Code is a unique password that you choose when activating the Mobile Banking App. It consists of numeric characters only, has a length between 6 and 10 digits.
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