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    How to try PlayStation Plus for free?

    How to try PlayStation Plus for free?

    How to try PlayStation Plus for free?

    In fact, PlayStation Plus offers players who do not have a subscription and who have never signed up for one, to take a 14-day free trial. In order to activate the free two-week trial, you will need to enter your credit card details for payment.

    How long does the free PS Plus last?

    Additionally, other users who log into PSN to play on your main PS4 console will be able to play the online multiplayer modes of those games. Can I try PlayStation Plus before I subscribe? If you've never been a PlayStation Plus member, you can try it for free for 14 days.

    Where can I buy PlayStation Plus?

    PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions: here's where to buy them at the best ...
    • Amazon – Playstation Plus – 12 months | 59,99€
    • Amazon – Playstation Plus – 3 months | 24,99€
    • Amazon – Playstation Plus – 1 month | 8,99€
    • Amazon – Playstation Now – 12 mesi | 59,99€
    • Amazon – Playstation Now – 3 mesi | 24,99€

    How much does the PS Plus cost for a year?

    29.99 euros PlayStation Plus price: top-ups on Amazon If you want to save you can instead opt for the annual PlayStation Plus subscription for 29.99 euros, the PlayStation Store offer is valid until 30 August only for new subscribers and for those who do not have a active subscription at this time.

    How do i renew my PS4 membership?

    To renew Playstation Plus from PS4, turn on the console and enter Playstation Plus. Then, choose Manage subscription and then Subscription. In that section, select Snooze and choose a new subscription, like 1 month, 3 months or 12 months.
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