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    How to talk to an IO app operator?

    How to talk to an IO app operator?

    How to talk to an IO app operator?

    How to contact IO app assistance All you have to do to contact IO app assistance is to start the app in question, access the IO help you section and press the button to open a new report.

    How to contact for cashback problems?

    For technical problems, or if the transactions carried out in the context of Cashback are not displayed on the IO app, it is possible to report directly via the "Write to the IO team" function within the application which can always be accessed by clicking on the question mark (?)

    How to contact cashback World?

    1. Contact us by phone according to these times:
    2. Cashback World (+390452080500) ...
    3. We remind you that it is possible to obtain a lot of useful information by consulting the FAQs of the respective sites:
    4. for shopping:
    5. for companies:

    How to enter the IO app with SPID?

    That said, all you have to do to enter the IO app with SPID is to start the app in question (which is available for both Android devices and iPhone / iPad), press the Enter with SPID button and select the Identity Provider with which you have obtained the digital identity.

    How to report non-crediting Cashback?

    Cashback, how to lodge a complaint To do so, you must first log in and register on the Consap website in the specific section dedicated to the “Claims submission form for cashback refunds”. “Only complaints submitted through the Cashback Complaints Portal will be taken into account - warns Consap -.

    How to report the non-refund of the Cashback?

    To send the complaint it is necessary to use the specific "Cashback refund complaint submission form" and the procedure on the Consap website.

    How to eliminate the Cashback?

    If you have signed up for Cashback through the IO App, just follow the steps below:
    1. Open the IO app.
    2. Select the WALLET item.
    3. Select the current Cashback period (blue tab)
    4. Scroll down the page to the red and white button with the words "Cancel your Cashback subscription"

    How do you enter with SPID Poste?

    If your intention is to access SPID Poste from a computer, all you have to do is connect to the official PosteID website, select the option to access your digital identity and confirm your identity using the PosteID app or by receiving a verification code via SMS.

    What to do if Cashback does not arrive?

    The presentation of the complaint is the only possible way if the cashback does not arrive, even considering that there is time until the end of the month to receive the amount due. Once transmitted, Consap will examine the complaint and give a reasoned reply within 30 days. In case of acceptance, the payment due will be made.

    What to do if the Cashback refund does not arrive?

    The only way to make a complaint is the procedure provided on the Consap website in the specific section dedicated to the "Cashback refund complaint submission form".

    How to request a refund of the cashback?

    Cashback, what to do in case of non-refund In case of non-refunding or insufficient refund, it is possible to file a complaint with Consap, online, within 120 days following the last day of the month in which payment was expected, therefore by December.

    How can I request a refund of the cashback?

    What State cashback is and how it works To receive reimbursements - corresponding to 10% of the expenses made - it is necessary to make at least 50 purchases paid for with cards, debit cards and apps. The maximum reimbursement limit is equal to 150 euros, or what is obtained with an expense of 1.500 euros.
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