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    How to spend the meal vouchers at the esselunga?

    How to spend the meal vouchers at the esselunga?

    How to spend the meal vouchers at the esselunga?

    Meal Vouchers are accepted in electronic or paper format. They cannot be used in the same transaction with: Fìdaty vouchers, vouchers for celiacs and Esselunga discount vouchers.

    Where to use online meal vouchers?

    The electronic meal voucher for online shopping and food delivery Under the agreements with the issuing company, you can shop online directly on the e-commerce of supermarkets or use take away and food delivery services directly from your smartphone or tablet.

    When do giant points expire?

    22 The points expire at the end of the operation, that is on the 22nd. The prizes can be collected every day until the 22nd at your home store. The shopping discount voucher will be available until 21.

    Who gets the meal vouchers?

    Which supermarkets accept meal vouchers Obviously, it always depends on the company issuing the tickets: in the case of Ticket Restaurants®, the supermarkets Conad, Coop, Crai, Esselunga, Eataly, Il Gigante, Pam, Despar, Simply, Famila, Tigros accept them. , Lipstick and many others.

    What can I buy with restaurant tickets?

    the restaurant tickets can be used only for the purchase of edible goods and not only at company canteens, but also in farmhouses, bars, markets and other places where it is possible to buy food, without prejudice to the discretion of the exercise to accept them as form of payment.

    Where to buy with Edenred ticket?

    Top Premium Edenred Ticket Compliments® are accepted at Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express, Simply Market, Basko, Eataly, Coop, Unes and U2, Rinascente, Sephora, Unieuro, Trony, Salmoiraghi & Viganò, laFeltrinelli, Cisalfa Sport, Bata, QC Terme , Ikea, Athlets World, Novotel, Mercure.

    What happens if I use more than 8 meal vouchers?

    The non-competition for the formation of employee (and similar) income, of meal vouchers to replace the company canteen, concludes the Agency, therefore operates within the limits established by the aforementioned article 51, regardless of the number of vouchers used. ...
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