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    How to share the Disney Plus account?

    How to share the Disney Plus account?

    How to share the Disney Plus account?

    If you have a Disney plus subscription but don't use all the accounts you have available, you can share the free spots with Diveedi and save. To share your subscription, log in to the Diveedi website, click on Create a group and select Disney plus from the available services.

    How many Disney Plus accounts at the same time?

    You can log into Disney + with up to 10 different devices and watch whatever you want on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, console, and more. Plus, you can stream 4 different titles on 4 different screens at the same time.

    How many contemporary visions of Disney?

    How many contemporary visions on Disney Plus? There are a maximum of four devices that can be used at the same time for viewing Disney Plus content. On the four devices connected at the same time, you can see four different titles in the Disney + catalog.

    How to connect Disney Plus to Philips TV?

    Get the Disney + app from the Play Store (Android), the App Store (iOS) or simply open the website from your Google Chrome browser. Open the Disney + app on your device. Switch to Chromecast (HDMI input) on your Philips TV. Press the "Cast" button on your app.
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