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    How to see the Bershka expedition?

    How to see the Bershka expedition?

    How to see the Bershka expedition?

    Enter your Bershka order tracking number in the following online tracking system to track and trace your courier, order, package, shipment and get delivery status details online.

    How not to pay for Bershka shipping?

    On Bershka you can use a promotion or a code that allows you not to pay for shipping, usually a minimum expense or a condition specified in the promotion active on the Bershka site is required.

    How long does it take to ship Bershka?

    Delivery times depend on the type of shipment chosen. Standard shipping takes between 3 and 5 * business days. Express shipping takes between 2 and 3 * business days. For shipments to the Drop-off Point it takes between 3 and 5 * working days.

    Where are Bershka's clothes made?

    Bershka is a low-priced clothing brand of the Inditex group ....
    Bershka BSK España, S.A.
    HeadquartersI craft

    How are the sizes of Bershka?

    Those who normally wear an S should have corresponding measurements of 88cm bust, 66cm waist and 94cm hips. For an M, on the other hand, the measurements are 92 cm, 70 cm and 98 cm respectively.

    What does a size 40 correspond to?

    Women's size chart
    EUITHips (cm)
    S4089 – 92
    M4293 – 96
    L4497 – 99
    XL46100 – 102
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