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    How to see my ads right away?

    How to see my ads right away?

    How to see my ads right away?

    You can view the position of your ad by clicking on the "See where your ad is" button in the publication confirmation email.

    Why doesn't IT immediately let me publish?

    Make sure your email address hasn't been banned for too many wrong attempts. Try posting an ad by changing not only your phone number but your email address as well. Try checking the "Spam" folder of your email before giving up.

    How to see the ads put up right away?

    Enter your mailbox and look for the email with this subject: "your name", this is how your ads are going .... Click in the email and inside you will find the information of your ads:
    1. how many visits they received.
    2. in what position they are.
    3. how many contacts have you received.

    How to find an old real estate ad?

    to retrieve an ad, simply access the MyImmobiliare reserved area, entering the email address and password chosen at the time of registration. Once logged in, simply access the Published Ads section, from which you can retrieve your ad.

    How to find old web pages?

    No card or subscription is required to access it: just use any browser and point to the page. To consult the archive we must first type the address of the site in the field above and click on the Browse History button.

    How to send videos on Subito It?

    Click on the camera icon, take a photo or choose it from the gallery. Click on the "+" icon or stop the paperclip if you use our App, choose the file to attach to the conversation.

    How to see the Google cache?

    When we do a Google search, almost all the pages that appear in the results are cached. We can then access the site cache from Google, simply click on the down arrow next to the site URL and then click on Cache.

    How to see sites back in time?

    It's all very simple, open your browser and connect to the link, at this point type in the search bar, in the center of the homepage, the address of the page of your interest and confirm by clicking on BROWSE HISTORY.

    How many car ads can I put up right away?

    WHO CAN INSERT ANNOUNCEMENTS? Individuals can place ads in any category. Companies can post ads in any category except "Job Seekers".
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