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    How to reset the Samsung fridge?

    How to reset the Samsung fridge?

    How to reset the Samsung fridge?

    In this case you just need to locate the reset switch that this brand generally places in its refrigerator models in the upper part of the right door (internal side), and turn it off and then turn it back on after about ten seconds. The unit will restart and the Samsung logo will reappear on the panel.

    What does Power freeze mean?

    The Power Freeze function allows you to freeze larger quantities of food in shorter times, it is not always active but it will be up to the consumer to activate it.

    How much does the LG refrigerator card cost?

    Compare 2 offers for Lg Fridge Card starting at € 728,10

    What does all around cooling mean?

    The technology that, through a constant flow of air, guarantees rapid and uniform cooling, and optimal conservation on each shelf.
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