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    How to request a Telepass electronic invoice?

    How to request a Telepass electronic invoice?

    How to request a Telepass electronic invoice?

    You can find your invoices directly in the Telepass App and in your Reserved Area. Remember that the invoices available are those of the last 24 months, if you need invoices older than 24 months you can request them via the form.

    How can I see the Telepass invoices?

    To access the invoices of your Telepass you must log in to the customer area and then click on the wording "My invoices". Clicking will open a section of the site entirely dedicated to payments where the customer can consult the list of their invoices in the last 24 months.

    How to communicate a unique code to Telepass?

    You can find the ID code in the specific communication you received from Telepass SpA, at home or in your email box, after signing the contract. The ID code is also present on Telepass invoices and on debit summaries. or by contacting the call center at no. 840.043.043.

    How can I pay the Telepass invoice?

    Telepass costs, how much you pay each year The cost of each Telepass toll, in particular, is charged on a quarterly basis: this means that the invoice with the cost of the various tolls, plus 3,78, will arrive on your account or credit card. euro for the cost (including VAT) of the service.

    How can I add the license plate to a Telepass?

    To add a second plate to your device, you can easily do it from your Telepass App in the “Devices and Plates” section or from the Reserved Area in the “Change Plate” section.

    What happens if I don't pay a Telepass invoice?

    In the event that the toll due (Article 176 paragraph 11 of the CdS) is not paid, in whole or in part, a non-payment report (transit certificate / receipt) is issued. ... Non-payment can be paid without additional costs within 15 days from the date of issue.

    How to get two Telepasses?

    Once inside our personal area, click on "Your contract" and then on "Request an additional Telepass". We enter the registration number of the car on which the Telepass device will be used and choose whether or not to activate the “Premium” option.

    When does the Telepass invoice become monthly?

    The frequency of Telepass invoices is quarterly if the total expense falls within the maximum limit of 258.23 euros; if the customer chooses to debit the invoices on a counter Banco Posta, the billing is monthly (with a maximum spending ceiling of 86 euros per month).

    How to dispute a Telepass charge?

    FOR PAYMENT SERVICES: by sending a communication to the e-mail address [email protected] or even to the certified e-mail address [email protected]

    What happens if I use the Telepass with another license plate?

    The Telepass can be used on another machine as long as it is registered by associating it with your Telepass device. However, normally, you will still be able to enter and exit the Telepass lane even with a vehicle whose license plate is not registered, although it is not “theoretically” allowed.
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