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    How to remove Tim Safe Web?

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    How to remove Tim Safe Web?

    How to remove Tim Safe Web?

    With the activation of TIM SAFE WEB PLUS, the activation of new paid services offered by third parties is blocked. You can change this setting by calling Customer Service 119. You can deactivate the service from myTIM, 409.

    What are Tim Content Services?

    The "Premium" or "content" Services are paid services that can be provided via SMS, MMS or via mobile network data connection by charging the remaining credit or in the invoice for mobile services.

    How to disable services on MyTIM?

    The customer Tim, after updating the MyTIM App, will have to log in with his own mobile line ("Line" section), click on "Manage" and then "Block content services". From that moment on, you can check if the block is active or inactive and you can decide to activate or deactivate it.

    How to disable wifi option and security?

    The Wi-Fi and Security option has no restrictions and can be deactivated at any time, thus eliminating the additional cost of 6 euros per month from the invoice. Clearly, in the event of termination of the option, any repeaters installed by the technician on loan for use must be returned by the customer.

    What is Safe Web Plus option?

    SAFE WEB PLUS allows protection from the most common cyber threats related to web browsing by not allowing the reaching of sites considered malicious and phishing.

    What does it mean to block content services?

    In the case of automatic blocking, it is assumed that the customer does not want to activate these services and an explicit manifestation of will is required (the SMS "I DO NOT AGREE") to remove the block. ...

    How to disable Tim messages?

    You can deactivate TIM ALERT TI - SMS Info in the following ways: by sending a free SMS to 40916 with the following text: INFOSMS (space) OFF; from MyTIM Mobile.

    What does certified WiFi mean?

    With Certified WiFi, the TIM technician will go to your home to measure the level reached by the WiFi signal based on the specific conditions of coverage, interference, load and use of the radio frequency (5GHz) measured by the TIM technician in the rooms you have chosen. your home, positioning, ...

    What is certified WiFi?

    When we talk about certified WiFi we mean an accurate check by the TIM technician to verify that the modem connected to the fiber carries the WiFi signal in every room of the house.

    How much does Safe Web Plus cost?

    € 1,99 Although there is a free month, Safe Web Plus costs € 1,99 per month. If necessary, the customer can make an explicit request to the operator not to insert the Safe Web Plus service, provided that this need is made explicit before the completion of the activation procedure of the SIM in question.

    What are Wind content services?

    The premium services (VAS), also called "content" or "premium", are paid services, offered by third parties via SMS or data connection, outside the basic telecommunications services offered by WINDTRE.

    How to deactivate the Windtre paid services?

    If you want to deactivate the other WindTre paid services, know that the mechanism is almost always the same. Deactivation is always automatic and the SMS arrives on the customer's smartphone. For example, you need to type an SMS with STOP and send this message to the number 48048.

    How to disable INFOSMS?

    You can deactivate TIM ALERT TI - SMS Info in the following ways: by sending a free SMS to 40916 with the following text: INFOSMS (space) OFF; from MyTIM Mobile.
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