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    How to remove the mayflies?

    How to remove the mayflies?

    How to remove the mayflies?

    Remedies Wasps and Hornets Spread around the house or near the windows small containers containing: Mothballs or camphor tablets the smell will keep bees and wasps away, we can also use ammonia, but it has a very annoying smell even for people.

    What do mayflies eat?

    Their development takes place completely in water, or in any case near the surface. They feed on plants and algae, and it is hypothesized that some are able to feed on animal organic compounds.

    Which insect lives 24 hours?

    The Ephemeral - maximum 24 hours: these are terrestrial hemimetabolous insects that live in superficial freshwater streams known precisely for the shortness of their life (from the Greek ephemeros means that it lives only one day).

    Which adult insects only live for one day?

    The adult phase of the life of the ephemeral (or efemera), a small aquatic insect that resembles the dragonfly, lasts only an hour and a half. During this short time he does nothing else ...

    How to disinfect the house from insects?

    Vinegar, baking soda and lemon are must-have among the substances to have at home against insects. Vinegar is used first of all to clean well the furniture, both externally and internally and all the surfaces of the house. The smell of vinegar keeps flies and ants away.

    How to get rid of scissors at home?

    You can use a simple insecticide spray to spray on the areas where the earwigs are hiding. The spray kills the scissor bugs and dissuades them from returning to that area. If you use this product, I recommend that you spray a little of it on windowsills and under appliances.

    Who lives less?

    What is the animal that lives the least long of all? The ephimera is a small aquatic insect with a sturdy and light exoskeleton. It lives in the larva stage for about a year, but when it becomes an adult it has mating as its sole objective. Usually the adult phase lasts just an hour and a half!
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