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    How to reflect the sun indoors?

    How to reflect the sun indoors?

    How to reflect the sun indoors?

    Captures the sun and reflects it Just place Lucy in a sunny place, outside or inside the house, point it in the direction of the room you want to illuminate and, by adjusting the angle of the mirror at any time of the day, the lamp will continue to reflect the light of the sun illuminating the shaded rooms.

    How to illuminate a house with little light?

    One of the simplest and most effective tricks to light up a space is painting the walls. White, fresh and always in fashion, reflects light much more than other neutral tones such as magnolia. But remember that a faded or too dull white can be equally limiting for your home.

    How to take advantage of the sunlight?

    Bright house: how to make the most of natural light
    1. Make the most of your windows.
    2. Place the mirrors strategically.
    3. Painting as a piece of furniture.
    4. Choose a light decor.
    5. The importance of curtains.
    6. Glass inserts.
    7. Eliminate the trees.
    8. Online products to illuminate the home.

    How to give light to a house without windows?

    The most recommended options in the case of a windowless room are:
    1. Parquet or light laminate, even with some veins that bring out the light of the spotlights;
    2. Monotonous white or light and bright colored tiles.

    How to light up a house facing north?

    An idea, if the room is very large and north-facing (therefore very dark), is to also mix some transparent PVC or glass furnishings. In this way the mood of brightness will be resumed even when furnishing a dark room and the light will be reflected even more.

    How to let more light in through the window?

    We have selected eight tips for you to bring more light into your home:
    1. 1) The choice of windows. ...
    2. 2) Clean the windows! ...
    3. 3) Mirrors. ...
    4. 4) Remove the obstacles in front of the windows. ...
    5. 5) The colors of the furniture. ...
    6. 6) The choice of curtains. ...
    7. 7) Organize the spaces near the windows. ...
    8. 8) Play on transparencies.
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