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    How to play scratch card all for all?

    How to play scratch card all for all?

    How to play scratch card all for all?

    For each PLAY: if one or more WINNING NUMBERS is present under the coins, you win the prize or the sum of the corresponding prizes, multiplied by the value of the relative MULTIPLIER; if under the coins you find you win the sum of the prizes of the entire PLAY, multiplied by the value of the relative MULTIPLIER.

    What are the € 5 scratch cards?

    Below you can find out about the different game modes and the odds of winning all € 5 Scratch Cards:
    • The Billionaire;
    • Winning Line;
    • New Tourist Forever;
    • 20x;
    • New Double Challenge;
    • New Naval Battle;
    • Area Gold;
    • All for All;

    How much does 50X scratch card cost?

    € 10 The scratch card 50X costs € 10 and offers a maximum payout of € 2.000.000 with the following odds of winning: 1 ticket every 3,68 for prizes between € 11 and € 500; 1 ticket every 18.548 for winnings between € 501 and € 10.000; 1 ticket every 857.143 for amounts over € 10.000.

    How does the triple hit scratch card work?

    Scratch the star to discover the five WINNING NUMBERS that must be compared with the numbers present in each of the four games. If in PLAY 1 and 2, a WINNING NUMBER is found, the indicated prize is won; if two of the five WINNING NUMBERS are found, the prize is multiplied by 10.

    What are the scratch cards for sale?

    There are 100x, bingo, billionaire, forever tourist, double challenge, multi bonus, multistar, super seven and a half, lucky numbers, the millionaire.

    How do you win scratch line winning line?

    For each game just scratch the four multiplier, the 4 symbols and the prize: if 3 identical symbols are found, you win the indicated prize, if one of the three identical symbols is the symbol present in the BONUS AREA, you win the indicated prize multiplied for the value of the multiplier of the bet.

    How much does the 10X scratch card cost?

    € 2 If you want to play 10X Scratch and Win, you just need to go to one of the authorized betting shops in the area and buy the ticket at a cost of € 2.

    How much does 100 scratch cards cost?

    € 20 Scratch and Win New 100X: how to play To play it, just go to an authorized betting shop and buy the scratch card for € 20. The chances of winning (excluding prizes with winnings equal to the cost of the game) are: 1 ticket every 8,75 for prizes up to € 500

    What are the winning scratch card tickets?

    Let's get to the point, the best way to identify the winning ones is to see the serial number of the Scratch and Win, there are sixty serial numbers on the coupon ranging from 0.

    How does the new scratch card work?

    For winnings up to 10 thousand euros, after having presented the ticket at the authorized point of sale, a procedure for reserving the prize is activated and the subsequent payment is made by bank draft or bank or postal transfer, depending on the choice of the winner.

    How much does a triple hit scratch card cost?

    Triplo Colpo is on sale at a price of € 10,00, on the ticket there are three games, indicated respectively by the words “GIOCO 1”, “GIOCO 2” and “GIOCO 3” as in fig. 1.

    How to recognize winning scratch tickets?

    In addition, you can also find out if a ticket is a winner on the My Lotteries App, the only Official App for Scratch and Win; just scratch the word "Maximum prize", discover the barcode and frame it with the Winnings check.
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