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    How to pay for Internet Linkem?

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    How to pay for Internet Linkem?

    How to pay for Internet Linkem?

    Payment methods Linkem
    1. cash on delivery is made directly to the courier when the modem arrives;
    2. that by credit card, if you buy online or through the call center,
    3. cash, if you sign the contract in a Linkem store.

    How to pay Linkem by bank transfer?

    Bank transfer: make a bank transfer to Linkem SpA, IBAN: IT96A0760103200000070211354, Reason: Invoice number "20-XXXXXX" (number shown on the invoice) and your Fiscal Code. App of your banking institution: scan the QRCODE directly from the pre-filled bulletin and pay in a few clicks.

    How to pay Linkem Lottomatica?

    Alternatively, Linkem customers can go to Lottomatica merchants to purchase the top-up, keep the receipt with the PIN code and enter it in the “Top-up” section of the customer area where required. Finally, recharging can be done at Linkem points of sale.

    What happens if I pay Linkem late?

    Linkem bill: what happens in case of non-payment or delay. ... It is possible to pay an expired Linkem bill by bank transfer or postal order.

    How to change Linkem payment?

    MyLinkem Customer Area - click on "Payments"; in the "Payment details" section, click on "Edit", enter the new IBAN code and download the form that you are asked to fill in, sign and send to [email protected] or by fax to 080 5622087.

    How do you pay for the internet?

    Here are the safest ways to pay on the internet
    1. Bank transfer.
    2. Credit card.
    3. Prepaid card. (Postepay, Superflash, Lottomaticard, Paypal ... there are a lot of them)
    4. VIRTUAL credit card.
    5. Paypal.
    6. Wester Union, MoneyGram etc.
    7. Bitcoin.

    How to access the My Linkem app?

    Download it for free from Google Play and App Store, and log in using the credentials of your MyLinkem Customer Area to discover all the features of your new app.

    How can I pay for a rechargeable Linkem?

    To top up your prepaid offer you can choose to pay by credit card or PayPal, in case of purchase through the Customer Area of ​​the Linkem website, or in cash, in case of purchase from an authorized Linkem retailer or at PUNTOLIS tobacconists, newsstand or enabled bars.

    What happens if you don't pay for the internet?

    Serious arrears: if you decide to continue not to pay the bill, the internet operator can proceed by legal means through an injunction against you. A communication will first arrive with the amount due and the date by which it is mandatory to pay the debt.

    What happens if you pay a late bill?

    The giant TIM, for example, provides for tolerance bands, each of which sees the application of different interest on arrears: 2% when the delay does not exceed 15 days; 4% up to 30 days late; 6% for payments made after the 30th day.

    How to change Linkem credit card?

    How can I update my details or change the credit card associated with my Linkem Account? You can update your data or change the credit card associated with your Linkem Account in complete autonomy and security by accessing the MyLinkem Customer Area.

    How to change the bank details on NoiPA?

    To proceed with the modification of the data, enter the Identification PIN, received at the time of registration on the NoiPA portal by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated, and select the "Next" button.

    How to be sure of a payment?

    Paying by cash on delivery All those who prefer an alternative to a debit, credit or prepaid card (both virtual and paper) as well as to a bank transfer, can opt for cash on delivery. In this case, payment is made directly when the goods are physically received.

    How to make a deposit to IBAN?

    The Iban is only the identification code of a current account, just as the license plate is for a car. Thanks to the Iban code, it is only possible to make payments to the account holder. However, it is not possible to charge expenses or make unauthorized withdrawals at the expense of the latter.

    How to activate My Linkem?

    Open a browser to access the internet and you will be automatically directed to the “welcome web page”, enter your tax code and the activation code you received via SMS in the appropriate fields and you will immediately start surfing the internet.

    What are the My Linkem credentials?

    If this is the first access to the device, use the following data:
    • Username: guest.
    • Password: linkem123.

    How to change the Linkem payment method?

    MyLinkem Customer Area - click on "Payments"; in the "Payment details" section, click on "Edit", enter the new IBAN code and download the form that you are asked to fill in, sign and send to [email protected] or by fax to 080 5622087.
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