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    How to pay a check with a Fineco bank?

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    How to pay a check with a Fineco bank?

    How to pay a check with a Fineco bank?

    To pay checks and cash, if you have an ATM card, you can use the advanced ATMs installed at the Unicredit branches. Alternatively, in the absence of cards, you can book at any Unicredit branch to carry out the operation.

    How can I make a deposit at the counter?

    To deposit cash at the ATM you must:
    1. find the ATM of your bank authorized to deposit.
    2. Insert your card.
    3. Select the deposit option and enter the PIN code.
    4. Insert cash into the door that opens.
    5. Wait for the banknote count to be done.
    6. Confirm the amount and the operation.

    How to put money into a checking account?

    Go to the counter and take the cash with you. The clerk will have you fill out a pre-printed money deposit form so that you can deposit the money into your checking account. In the form you will have to indicate the amount of money you intend to pay the date and finally sign.

    How to cancel a check with Fineco?

    If, on the other hand, you simply wish to cancel a destroyed check, you can alternatively:
    1. call Customer Care at the numbers: 800.52.52.52 (from landline) ...
    2. Fill in the Check Cancellation / Blocking form by ticking the CHECK CANCELLATION (s) box and send it as an alternative: - via email to [email protected]

    How to deposit a check at an ATM?

    After making sure that the bank offers this service, go to the counter with the check and insert your ATM card. Instead of pressing on "Withdrawals", press on "Payments". Then choose "Check deposit" or "Cash deposit" and then follow the simple instructions that appear on the screen.

    How do you pay money to the Unicredit ATM?

    unicredit ATM
    1. Insert the card.
    2. press the deposit button.
    3. specify the type of payment (if cash or check)
    4. prepare the banknotes taking care not to insert broken ones and not to insert them folded.
    5. wait for the display to indicate the opening of the vent.

    How to make a deposit with an IBAN code?

    if you have a current account and you are not familiar with the internet, you can go to your bank, fill in the forms that will be given to you, enter the beneficiary's details (name, surname, iban code) and ask for a certain sum of money to be transferred from your account to that of the beneficiary.

    How to upload money to an IBAN?

    Methods for reloading prepaid cards
    1. Bank transfer. Prepaid cards that have an IBAN can be reloaded through a bank transfer. ...
    2. Cash. ...
    3. To ATMs. ...
    4. From the tobacconist's and in the bookshop. ...
    5. By credit card.
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