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    How to make wishes for surgery?

    How to make wishes for surgery?

    How to make wishes for surgery?

    I take this opportunity to extend my sincere wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm sorry that these sick days are really due to sickness. Get well soon! Courage is not having the strength to move forward, it is moving forward when you no longer have the strength.

    What to say before surgery?

    Dear X, we have heard of your accident and we are very sorry that you still have to spend a few more days in the hospital. We are sure that you will recover very soon. In the meantime, we are cheering for you, and we send you our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery. The Y.

    What blood tests before surgery?

    • Blood group,
    • Complete blood count with formula,
    • Glycemia,
    • Azotemia,
    • Creatininemia,
    • PTT, PT,
    • CPK,
    • Fibrinogen,

    What to say to a sick person?

    # 5 - “We are all here to help you” Those suffering from an incurable disease can experience great loneliness, but also feelings of guilt towards loved ones who take care of them. Showing closeness and support, not only with words but also with deeds, is therefore of great comfort for a sick person.

    What to write to someone special on their birthday?

    I wish you a very happy birthday and may it be a fantastic and very special day for you! This day is special, I've always known it, perhaps because you came into the world. Best wishes! Today you feel special just because it's your birthday, but you are always special!
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