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    How to make an Aesthetic room?

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    How to make an Aesthetic room?

    How to make an Aesthetic room?

    Here are some little tips:
    1. Choose a color scheme: Having a combination of two or three colors in shades is the first step. ...
    2. Lighting: The metal wires with integrated LEDs as well as being a simple and economical solution, add an extra touch to your room.

    How to have a Tumblr bedroom?

    A good idea is to use wallpaper on one of the walls in the room. Choose one with not very flashy prints. For example, you could apply one that simulates a white brick wall. This way you will also give an industrial touch to your Tumblr style room.

    How to give warmth to the bedroom?

    Try a warm shade of white or light yellow if you want to give the room more warmth but don't want it to be too dark. You don't have to use a dark shade to make it cozy.
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