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    How to make a connective argumentative text?

    How to make a connective argumentative text?

    How to make a connective argumentative text?

    - CAUSAL CONNECTIVES: they are used to introduce the arguments in support of the thesis (IN FACT…, NOT BY CASE…, GIVEN THAT…, BECAUSE…, WHY…); - ADDITIONAL CONNECTIVES: they must be used to add further arguments (AND…, ALSO…, ALSO, LET'S ADD THE FACT THAT…);

    What is an argumentative text?

    Argumentative texts are those in which the writer's main communicative intention is to offer the author's subjective vision on a certain topic. Argument is, by definition, a persuasive procedure.

    What are connectives in an expository text?

    Textual connectives are adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions or expressions that are used to connect sentences (both coordinated to the main sentence and subordinate ones) or to relate parts of a text to each other.

    What is a connective in grammar?

    In textual linguistics, the connective (or also connector or ligament) is a linguistic element (be it an adverb or a conjunction or another part of speech, however invariable, or even an entire phrase) that makes explicit and clarifies the links logical with other parts of the same text, ensures ...

    How to identify the connectives?

    Connectives are a category of cohesive elements of two sentences of which the second is a consequence of the first ... continues
    1. Adverbs, such as so, then, subsequently, in addition, that is. ...
    2. Simple or compound conjunctions, such as but, therefore, in fact, therefore, however, nevertheless.

    What is the function of logical connectives?

    In this article we will talk about logical connectives, also known as logical connectors. They are conjunctions that serve to unite sentences and sentences by articulating our thoughts in a more linear way.

    How to express your opinion in an argumentative text?

    foreplay: in a personal comment
    1. you express your opinion on a thesis, a problem, someone else's opinion. ...
    2. the pros and cons of an argument must be weighed.
    3. the importance and persuasiveness of the individual arguments must be carefully evaluated.

    How to identify the thesis?

    After an introductory premise (which is not necessary for the meaning of the speech and may even be absent), at the center of the text is the thesis, or the nucleus of the speech, the main argument whose truthfulness must be demonstrated.
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