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    How to install Skygo on Smart TV?

    How to install Skygo on Smart TV?

    How to install Skygo on Smart TV?

    First, you will need to: Connect the computer to the TV using the HDMI cable. Make sure you have a Sky Go app on your TV and that Wi-Fi is working properly. While on the Sky Go app, start watching your content and choose to mirror your screen.

    How to download the sky Go app?

    To download Sky Go in one of the terminals of the Samsung Galaxy range, go to the Galaxy Apps icon, and write in the skygo search field, once you have found the application, select install, accept all the terms, and the download will start immediately , once the installation is finished, start the application ...

    How to download Sky Go on iPad?

    All you have to do to activate Sky Go on iPad is to access Sky's DIY area with your Sky ID and enable the service in question, then just download the Sky Go app and log in for the first time to add your iPad to Sky Go-enabled devices.

    How to install Sky Go on Samsung Smart TV?

    Unfortunately, there is only one way to view Sky Go content on TV. First of all you need to download the official Sky Go app from this page and click on the Download Sky Go button.
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