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    How to identify the Ventrogluteal site?

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    How to identify the Ventrogluteal site?

    How to identify the Ventrogluteal site?

    VENTROGLUTEAL SEAT: it is located in the middle and small buttocks and is localized by placing the palm of the opposite hand (the right hand for the left side) in the triangular area delimited between the index finger, placed on the antero-superior iliac spine, and the middle finger spread towards the iliac crest but below it.

    In which area are the injections done?

    Where is intramuscular puncture performed? Normally in one of the two buttocks and precisely in the upper-external quadrant of the buttock (after dividing the buttock into four equal parts by means of two imaginary perpendicular lines).

    How to do intramuscular deltoid injection?

    It consists of using the non-dominant hand to pull the skin and subcutaneous tissue to one side about 3-4 centimeters from the insertion point. The dominant hand instead introduces the needle holding it at 90 ° with respect to the skin.

    What is Intramuscular injected?

    The dissolved active ingredient is injected into some muscle areas of our body, which are mainly the buttocks, shoulder deltoids and thigh muscles.

    Where to do deltoid injection?

    DELTOID MUSCLE - Muscle injections into the middle deltoid muscle, like other IM injections, must be done in the most compact part of the muscle. Due to the small size of this site, the volume and number of injections that can be administered must be limited.

    How to do intramuscular injections yourself?

    with the non-dominant hand spread the skin to the side with respect to the injection site. with the dominant hand introduce the needle at 90 degrees to the skin and inject quickly. once finished inoculation, quickly remove the needle and press, do not massage.

    What happens if an intramuscular drug goes into a vein?

    If the needle tip has been accidentally inserted into a capillary and blood is flowing back, it is imperative to remove everything and prepare the solution from the beginning. If the drug is injected into a vein, the greatest danger may come from the harmfulness of the drug being spread directly into the bloodstream.

    What happens if Intramuscular water is injected?

    Continuous administration can cause fluid overload, congestive state and decreased electrolyte concentration. The administration of water for injections alone may cause haemolysis.

    Who is allowed to give injections?

    The injections are done only by the Nurse or the Doctor and not the improviser of the web! ... The nurse also makes you at home!

    How is a puncture done on the arm?

    The syringe is held between the index finger and thumb, like a dart. The needle must be inserted quickly and accurately, without causing the skin to sink, and the drug must be injected slowly. The most common needles are 4,5mm and 6mm needles, which are mostly used in pre-filled syringes or insulin pens.

    Who is authorized to give injections?

    The injections are done only by the Nurse or the Doctor and not the improviser of the web! ... The nurse also makes you at home!
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