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    How to get a Pegaso degree certificate?

    How to get a Pegaso degree certificate?

    How to get a Pegaso degree certificate?

    All certificates can be requested only by accessing the section called CERTIFICATE on the platform (for the loss of credentials, contact [email protected]). Payment can only be made online.

    How much does the Pegaso University cost?

    The costs of the annual fees for Unipegaso degree courses can vary from a minimum of € 2.000 to a maximum of € 3.000, depending on the agreements that can be accessed during the registration phase and on the type of courses you enroll.

    How to contact Pegaso?

    1. 800.185.095
    2. Contacts.
    3. 800-185-095.

    How do you book the exam on Pegaso?

    By accessing the Homepage of each exam, by clicking on the BOOK button, from 18:01 to 23:59 of the day before the chosen one, you can book one of the scheduled online sessions. If the exam is from the Degree Course, however, after 10 days.

    How to get Pegaso 24 CFU certificate?

    To obtain the certificate it is necessary to access the didactic platform in the section called "Request for Certificate for the Acquisition of Credits DM 616" and make the payment of 50 euros, according to the indicated method.

    How are the exams with Pegasus?

    The written exams at Pegaso can be cross-linked, or open or multiple questions, conceptual or elaborate maps. Students often want to know if Pegasus exams are easy. Much will depend on the student's own preparation and ability to show.

    When does the Pegasus academic year start?

    August 1st The academic year begins on August 1st and ends on the following September 30th. d. The academic year always ends on September 30th even in the case of enrollment during the same.

    How many exams can be given to Pegaso per month?

    In case of failure and / or interruption of the connection in the completion of all the other exams, the same can be repeated starting from the following day. It is possible to take a maximum of 2 online exams per day.
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