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    How to download the UniCredit bank app?

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    How to download the UniCredit bank app?

    How to download the UniCredit bank app?

    You can download the UniCredit Mobile Banking Application directly from the Store of your Smartphone (App Store, Google Play, AppGallery). Search for “Mobile Banking UniCredit” and proceed with the download.

    How can I update the UniCredit app?

    Here's how:
    1. download the Mobile Banking App from the Store.
    2. enter your access codes to the Multichannel Bank service.
    3. follow the guided tour.
    4. confirm activation.

    How to see cashback on the UniCredit app?

    In order to check if you have correctly registered for the reimbursement program, you can access your Unicredit Mobile Banking app, then click on the card icon and then select the Verify button located under the Cashback item.

    How to put Face ID on the Unicredit App?

    1. Open the App and log in;
    2. Select the profile section at the top right, then "settings";
    3. Choose the functionality you want to enable between FingerPrint and FaceID.

    How to create Unicredit mobile code?

    If you do not have a UniCredit Pass and you do not remember the Mobile Code, to deactivate the App you can request the generation of a new Mobile Code code from your Bank via the Internet ("Settings> Security> New Mobile Code" area. Alternatively, you can ask for one. the reset at your branch.

    How to activate Unicredit push notifications?

    1. Log into Internet banking and go to the "Settings> Security" section
    2. Select "Preferred Validation Tool", click "Change"
    3. Select "Push Notification"
    4. Click on "Save" to confirm.

    How to insert Unicredit ATMs in the Wallet?

    The procedure for adding a card is very simple.
    1. having downloaded the Unicredit Monhey app;
    2. go to the main "payments" screen;
    3. select "activate";
    4. enter the "wallet" of the Apple wallet by selecting "add to wallet";
    5. simply confirm with the finger print;
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