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    How to do SPID UniCredit?

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    How to do SPID UniCredit?

    How to do SPID UniCredit?

    To request and obtain your SPID credentials you must be of age and you will need:
    1. an email address.
    2. the phone number of the mobile phone you normally use.
    3. a valid identity document (one of: identity card, passport, driving license)
    4. your health card with the tax code.

    How to activate MyBank UniCredit?

    1. Fill in the mandate data (except IBAN) on the creditor's website.
    2. select MyBank to sign the mandate electronically.
    3. choose UniCredit from the list of available Banks.
    4. you will be directed to the Internet Bank login page, where you must enter your usual credentials to access.
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