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    How to dedicate the thesis to parents?

    How to dedicate the thesis to parents?

    How to dedicate the thesis to parents?

    For parents: “I thank my parents who are the pillar of my life, the foundation of my days. This thesis is for them and I dedicate to them the joy that crossing the finish line of graduation ignites in my heart. With boundless gratitude ”.

    How to insert a dedicated Word thesis?

    Add citations to the document
    1. Go to the end of the sentence or expression that you want to insert as a citation, then click Citations in the Citations and Bibliography group on the References tab.
    2. In the list of citations under Insert citation, select the citation to use.

    How to write the acknowledgments of the degree thesis?

    Thank you for always being there, especially in moments of discouragement. I thank my two colleagues [Name Colleagues] for having been by my side in this intense period and for rejoicing, together with me, at the goals achieved. Thank you all, without you I would never have done it.

    How many blank pages to leave in the thesis?

    Initial pages thesis The initial pages, ie corresponding to pages 1 and 2, are generally left blank, and then begin on page 3 with the thesis title page.

    How to make a dedication?

    How to write the perfect dedication?
    1. 1) They are coded. Do you and whoever is the recipient of the book have a relationship in which you use your "secret language"? ...
    2. 2) They are eternal. ...
    3. 3) He is optimistic. ...
    4. 4) Follow a certain tone. ...
    5. 5) Say what you may not say enough. ...
    6. 6) Include the words of your little hero.

    Which pages should not be numbered in the thesis?

    - the page number must NOT appear on blank pages, pages containing only a title, title page, index page and the first page of each chapter. However, they must be counted. The numbering must be done with Arabic numerals.
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