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    How to decorate an empty wall in the kitchen?

    How to decorate an empty wall in the kitchen?

    How to decorate an empty wall in the kitchen?

    10 tips for decorating a bare wall
    1. Collage of paintings and frames. The compositions of paintings, photos and paintings are able to create an incredible visual impact and give an extra touch of style to your home. ...
    2. Design shelves. ...
    3. Wall bookcases. ...
    4. Lamps. ...
    5. Headboards. ...
    6. Wallpaper. ...
    7. Hanging cabinets. ...
    8. Sofas.

    How to embellish your kitchen?

    How to decorate a small kitchen: some simple tips
    1. Take advantage of verticality
    2. Make everyday objects beautiful too.
    3. Use the walls to make the kitchen unique.
    4. Change the door handles.
    5. Take advantage of the aesthetics of the containers.
    6. Beware of carpets and curtains.

    How to make a wall beautiful?

    We can make a wall come alive by using the green of the plants or the color of the flowers, using the wall as a background for the floral arrangement, or transforming it into a vertical garden, a solution that makes more and more space in the house: Embellish an empty wall with plant.

    How to decorate an old kitchen?

    How to embellish an old kitchen: give new life to the environment
    1. Paint.
    2. Use adhesive papers.
    3. Cover the damaged furniture.
    4. Buy new appliances.
    5. Change the floor.
    6. Change the splash guard.
    7. Giving new life to furniture.
    8. Lighten the environment.

    How to hang without piercing the wall?

    Double-sided adhesive tapes: they resemble in all respects the classic scotch tape and are perfect for attaching paintings without nails, mirrors and any other decoration. The pre-cut strips adhere well to the surface to be hung and do not damage the walls, also they are easily removed, but they are not reusable.
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