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    How to console a friend for a bereavement?

    How to console a friend for a bereavement?

    How to console a friend for a bereavement?

    Helping a grieving friend or relative
    1. Make yourself heard as soon as possible. ...
    2. Don't minimize the loss, don't try to console. ...
    3. You don't have to say something. ...
    4. To listen. ...
    5. Allow the expression of feelings of guilt. ...
    6. Allow any expression of pain. ...
    7. Keep in touch. ...
    8. Take concrete steps.

    What to say to a person whose relative has died?

    We extend our heartfelt condolences to you and your family for your grief. We hope that this period will pass soon, but not the memory of the loved one. Please feel condolences to you and your family. We join in the pain of losing her.

    What to write to a friend who has just lost her husband?

    Nothing in the world can take the place of the loved one you have lost but know that I am close to you and that you can always count on me. 2. Feel your condolences to you and your family. I am close to you in this moment of pain and I hold you all in a hug.

    When does grief become pathological?

    Pathological bereavement differs from normal bereavement because the normal experiences of sadness, guilt, anger and recurrent negative thoughts persist for at least 12 months following the disappearance of the person with whom, very often, you had a close relationship.

    How to do condolences on the phone?

    It is possible to send a condolence telegram by telephone, by calling the number 186. This number is active every day, from 7 to 23. The payment of the telegram is verified by charging the cost to the telephone bill or to the SIM card, if you call with the mobile phone.

    What to say in case of death?

    Offer your condolences to the family. You can show your condolences by saying, "I'm really sorry for your loss" or "I'm here for you and your family in case you need anything." If words fail, limit yourself to a hug or simply say, "My condolences."

    When is it impossible to mourn?

    However, when the work of mourning is not done, when the loss cannot be processed and the person does not detach but maintains psychological ties with the old investments, then depression takes over. The normal pain of bereavement becomes disease.

    How to explain grief to children?

    Children suffer and experience emotions and moods in the face of grief similar to adults: shock, longing, despair, anger, guilt, pain, disorientation, fear, restlessness, isolation etc.
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