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    How to communicate a WINDTRE IBAN change?

    How to communicate a WINDTRE IBAN change?

    How to communicate a WINDTRE IBAN change?

    Now I have changed bank and I should communicate the new IBAN to wind. How can I do? To change the payment method, you can contact customer service by phone at 159 or via chat (app or web) or alternatively go to a shop.

    How to change credit card for Wind debit?

    You can enable payment by credit card when you sign a WINDTRE contract or ask for a change later, as follows: by accessing and using the Customer Area in complete autonomy or by calling Customer Service to send us your data.

    How do I pay the outstanding payments to Infostrada?

    Blank Postal Bulletin
    1. pay it to WindTre SpA on the current account number 42083204.
    2. enter the Customer Code and the telephone number linked to the invoice in the reason for Telephone Account Payment (number of the extended invoice included).

    How to block debit on credit card three?

    The only way to block the charge on your credit card is to contact the manager who offers you the service in question directly, requesting the cancellation of the charge and the consequent change of payment method.

    How to pay Internet Wind?

    From the WINDTRE app, available for free for iPhone and Android, or from the Customer Area of ​​the operator's website, after logging in with your credentials, in the Your Account> Online payments section. Payment is made by credit card or PayPal.

    How to pay an invoice by bank transfer?

    To get your invoices paid by bank transfer, just enter your bank details in your invoice template. Just enter the IBAN and the bank of your account where you want to receive the payment. The customer can make the money transfer as soon as he wants.
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