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    How to combine gold and silver jewelry together?

    How to combine gold and silver jewelry together?

    How to combine gold and silver jewelry together?

    Jewelery layering Wearing gold and silver necklaces together, or bracelets, is perfect for an impressive layering. Otherwise you can wear them separately: gold rings and silver bracelets, or gold earrings and silver necklace.

    How many necklaces can you wear?

    The "3" rule 3 is the perfect number - and apparently it's not just a popular belief, but also a fashion one. To wear multiple jewels together in a cool way, you need to wear at least 3 at a time. 3 necklaces, 3 earrings, 3 rings, 3 bracelets, all on a single portion of your body of course.

    How do you wear a jewel?

    The rules of etiquette state that rings should not occupy more than one finger per hand and the left hand is dedicated exclusively to love, in fact you should only wear the wedding band or engagement ring. On the right hand it is possible to wear a large ring, an important and protagonist jewel.

    How do necklaces match?

    How to combine necklace and neckline If you wear a turtleneck, or a turtleneck sweater, you prefer long necklaces perhaps with some pendants and charms. With the V-neckline, on the other hand, choose thin necklaces and if the V-neckline is deeper, opt for models that follow the depth.

    How do you wear a ring?

    The rule is to balance the rings that are worn with the accessories, so as to maintain a balance between the two hands. If we wear a watch in one hand and a smaller bracelet in the other, we can wear larger rings on the hand in which we wear the bracelet.

    How to combine multiple necklaces together?

    To copy her look and wear more necklaces together with style, just have bijoux in similar shades - this season, gold and rose gold are the hottest metallic nuances - and in different lengths: two necklaces together or more, from the chocker, to the short necklace to the long necklace, to show off ...

    How to shorten the necklaces?

    Just open the connecting ring that connects the chain to the buckle with two flat pliers. Use nylon-tipped pliers to avoid marking the metal. Take off the buckle. Then remove excess links to get the correct length.

    How to clean yellow gold at home?

    1. mix water and toothpaste until you get a light paste.
    2. scrub gently with an old soft-bristled toothbrush.
    3. rinse thoroughly under cold or lukewarm water.
    4. allow to air dry.

    How to combine gold accessories?

    Gold, silver and steel. Suitable to complete the most formal looks, they go well with brown, black, deep red, burgundy and the whole range of pastel colors such as pink, blue and green.
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