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    How to choose a floor that does not show dirt?

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    How to choose a floor that does not show dirt?

    How to choose a floor that does not show dirt?

    Concrete floors are by far the best for cleaning. They are made with cement and fiber blends of different materials that can create a continuous shiny effect, without joints and with a decidedly elegant appearance.

    How to choose the floor?

    An increasingly used solution when it comes to choosing home floors is that of porcelain stoneware, a colored, hard, compact and non-porous ceramic that has all the advantages of tiles and the possibility of playing with colors and textures. , formats and styles to seem like wood or stone ...

    Which floor to choose for a modern home?

    Modern environments go well with resin floors or large format stoneware tiles (120 × 120 or 75 × 150), preferably in neutral colors such as black, beige, sand or anthracite gray.

    How to check if a porcelain stoneware tile is first choice?

    If you have ordered premium quality tiles, check that the letter "I" is stamped on the box. If the product does not meet the required requirements or is not the one chosen, you must absolutely not lay the material but ask the person who sold it to replace it.

    What is the most expensive floor?

    resin The most expensive of all is resin, but it plays well with parquet whose cost per square meter obviously varies according to the quality of the wood. For the resin we have to consider an expense of about € 120 per square meter, including installation, while for the parquet the range is € 90-110.

    What is the best type of flooring?

    For example, for modern furnishings the best is stoneware, while for those with a more classic or elegant design it is better to opt for real wood parquet. Laminate, on the other hand, is excellent in both cases.

    What are the best porcelain stoneware manufacturers?

    So let's see which are the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles.
    • Cotto d'Este. Company that has been present on the porcelain stoneware market for over 20 years, with products of the highest quality. ...
    • Lea Ceramiche. ...
    • Atlas Concorde. ...
    • Blustyle. ...
    • The factory. ...
    • Kerlite. ...
    • Slimtech. ...
    • Ava Ceramiche.

    What does second-rate tiles mean?

    The difference between the first and second choice tiles lies in the tolerance, i.e. in the number of defective tiles allowed in each batch of tiles and in the type of defects allowed.

    What does hard floor mean?

    Hard floors: Marble, granite, terracotta floors, ceramics, stoneware, klinker, pietra serena, concrete, etc. All these materials have peculiar characteristics that must be kept in mind when selecting the detergents to be used or when deciding on a protective treatment.
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