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    How to change the DAZN payment method?

    How to change the DAZN payment method?

    How to change the DAZN payment method?

    How to change the payment method on DAZN?
    1. After logging in, click on "Menu" and choose "My Account"
    2. Re-enter your login details.
    3. Scroll to the Payment Methods section and click on "Change payment method"
    4. Choose the payment method you prefer.
    5. Click on "Save"

    Where to pay DAZN subscription?

    PayPal. Google Play Billing. Amazon In App Payment (Amazon Fire Stick only) DAZN prepaid cards and codes .... DAZN prepaid cards
    • Unieuro.
    • Mediaworld.
    • Euronics (both online and in-store)
    • Long S.
    • Carrefour.
    • COOP.
    • Gamestop (both online and in store with the pin printed on the receipt)
    • Startslect (solo online)

    How to change name on DAZN?

    You can change your personal data at any time by going to My Account. Once you have entered your login information, you will have the following options: Change your name, email address or password. Change your payment method or cancel your subscription.

    How to pay for expired DAZN?

    Once the DAZN page has loaded, go to the top right corner and click on “Menu” and then choose “My Account” You will have to re-enter your login details. Scroll down to the payment methods section and click on "Change payment method"

    How to recover DAZN pass?

    To log into your account, follow these instructions:
    1. Click here to go to the page to reset the password;
    2. Enter your email address and click on "Send";
    3. In your inbox, look for the email DAZN sent you to reset your password. ...
    4. Click on the link in the email;

    How to pay DAZN with Amazon?

    How to pay DAZN with Amazon If you intend to pay DAZN with Amazon, you must proceed to create your account (or reactivate it) through the DAZN app for Fire TV Stick and Kindle Fire tablets.

    How to activate the DAZN code?

    To activate your prepaid code: Go to, enter the code in the space provided and confirm. Follow the on-screen instructions and that's it. Start watching your favorite sports right away, on your devices or smart TV.

    Why can't I log into DAZN?

    If you are unable to log into your account, please follow these instructions:
    • Access to "My Account"
    • Check the data entered on the login page / Error code 50-49-401.
    • Reset your password.
    • Restart your device.
    • Contact customer support.

    How to recover DAZN Sky account?

    Access the "My Account" area / section Restore the automatic monthly renewal of the subscription to DAZN .... 7) I had a subscription to DAZN but my account is no longer active
    1. Click on the link received via SMS.
    2. Log in with your DAZN account credentials.
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