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    How to change a general practitioner Messina?

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    How to change a general practitioner Messina?

    How to change a general practitioner Messina?

    Description: The OnLine service allows residents registered in the health registry of the province of Messina to change General Practitioners and Free Choice Pediatricians free of charge.

    How to change doctor with SPID?

    You can change your primary care physician through an online procedure:
    1. by email. ...
    2. via the online portal by accessing the Piemonte System service with the SPID - Public Digital Identity System credentials - only if it is the family doctor permanently assigned.

    What does it take to change the general practitioner Catania?

    The first is to go to the ASP site of Catania and search for "online revocation of general practitioner or pediatrician". Here, you will find the online method chosen by the doctor / pediatrician which is nothing more than the press release issued by the ASP of Catania, with the relative email addresses to which to send the documents.

    Where is the doctor change in Catania?

    In order to choose and be assigned a specific family doctor among those registered in the lists of Catania and its province, it is necessary to present a specific application within the which must ...
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