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    How to burst Bartholin's cyst?

    How to burst Bartholin's cyst?

    How to burst Bartholin's cyst?

    Sitz baths with warm water: these are baths that are carried out in a container that allows the basin to be immersed (or in a tub filled with a few centimeters of water). The goal is to make the blocked glandular duct spontaneously open so that the liquid inside it flows out.

    How to drain the Bartholin gland?

    Surgical drainage: a small tube or edged gauze to be placed in the cyst, after infiltration with local anesthetic and incision, in order to drain the liquid and leave it open for a few weeks before closing it.

    How to solve the Bartholin's gland problem?

    INTERVENE WITH ANTIBIOTIC AND PACKS "If the swelling is not excessive, just cleanse the inflamed area, morning and evening, with a germicidal liquid soap and possibly apply an antibiotic ointment, until the symptoms improve", explains Fiammetta Trallo, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Bologna.

    What does the Bartholin's gland look like?

    Bartholinitis typically presents with swelling of the affected area, redness, severe pain, and fever. Inflamed Bartholin's glands cause discomfort during sexual intercourse and make activities such as sitting or walking annoying.

    How big are Bartholin's glands?

    Morphology and function. They are symmetrical, one on each side, located laterally and posterior to the orifice of the vagina, in the lower third of the labia majora. Their shape is similar to that of a small almond, with a maximum diameter of 12-15 millimeters and a weight of about 5 grams.
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