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    How to become an Amazon collection point?

    How to become an Amazon collection point?

    How to become an Amazon collection point?

    Amazon Hub Locker To activate the service you will be required to sign a contract with Gate Network SRLS, a qualified partner for the activation of Amazon Hub collection points. If you are eligible, you will receive a copy of the agreement for Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker, to be viewed prior to subscription.

    How much does an Amazon counter make?

    In addition to the visibility offered on the pages of its website, Fermopoint recognizes commissions for each package managed: 0,50 euro + VAT for Fermopoint packages. € 0,20 + VAT for packages handled as an Amazon Counter.

    How much does it cost to open an Amazon Locker?

    The use of an Amazon Locker is free: the shipment and storage of the goods, in fact, will not have additional costs.

    How much do you earn with Wish local?

    The profit per delivery is not high, we are talking, for now, of 0,50 cents per delivery, I repeat, per delivery, not per item, in fact it happens that some customers insert more items in the same order, sometimes even 10 items, but the delivery is only one. So you will only earn 50 cents.

    How much does Amazon pay you for a Locker?

    If you do not have a Prime subscription, however, you will have to pay shipping costs, which vary depending on the case: 0 euros for orders over 29 euros with standard shipping; 3,99-5 euros for fast shipping in 2-5 working days; 5,99 euros for shipping in 2 days and 8 euros for shipping in 1 day.
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