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    How to activate Key6 Bper?

    How to activate Key6 Bper?

    How to activate Key6 Bper?

    For your online payments, set the code "Key6": to set it you can enter the BPER Card Reserved Area. Then enter the "3D Secure - Key6" section and click on "Access the Service", or you can set it on your Internet Banking from PC in the section "My cards": see how to do it.

    How many branches does Banco di Sardegna have?

    Bipiesse Riscossioni SPA Tholos Spa Number Spa Banca di Sardegna SpA, Asset Management Arm Banco di Sardegna / Affiliates

    How to create Key6?

    You need a computer connected to the internet, to connect to your bank's website, and the smartphone associated with your account or where you receive the disposable codes via SMS. To set up Key6 from Smart Web you will need to log in with your internet banking credentials, User Code and Password.

    How to make an appointment at Banco di Sardegna?

    Phone Banking on the toll-free number 800 22 77 88.

    Where to find the Banco di Sardegna BIC code?


    What if the NEXI card is active?

    How can I activate my credit card? If you have just received a Nexi credit card, you can activate it at any time, 24 hours a year, using the online service or contact the toll-free card activation number is 800. 99.34.00 - - from abroad: +39.02.34980.127.
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