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    How reliable is ManoMano?

    How reliable is ManoMano?

    How reliable is ManoMano?

    100% reliable. Their pre and post sales communication is complete and reliable. I purchase the led lamps and I notice the low quality once they are received, so I activate the return. The product is correctly returned to the seller of the manomano site but he does not issue the refund.

    How does the ManoMano site work?

    How ManoMano Works
    1. Place an order safely on ManoMano.
    2. ManoMano transmits your order to the merchant and blocks the payment on an escrow account.
    3. The merchant ships the package you ordered and will only receive payment when the package is delivered.

    What is the ManoMano website?

    What is ManoMano ManoMano acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, and negotiates with sellers to guarantee a wide variety of products at competitive prices. The site currently has over 3000 partner sellers, with more than 4 million products from over 1000 brands.

    How do you buy your ManoMano?

    How to place an order? follow
    1. Add the desired products to the cart.
    2. Validate the cart.
    3. Complete the data relating to the shipping methods including: ...
    4. Confirm the shipping methods, then move on to the next step relating to the desired payment method.

    How to talk to a ManoMano operator?

    ManoMano customer service
    1. Contact the call center at: 011 19621427. ...
    2. Send an online communication by filling out the contact form.

    Which Courier Does ManoMano Use?

    For all products sold in the online library we will use the SDA or Bartolini courier for the national territory.

    Where is the headquarters of ManoMano located?

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    Mano Mano
    corporate formJoint stock company
    Check it outPlanete Formation Asset Recovery Marietta Martin

    Come if you pay your ManoMano it?

    You can complete purchases on by paying with the following methods:
    1. Credit card.
    2. Transfer.
    3. PayPal.

    Where is it gradually?

    Milan shop, Viale Espinasse 99.

    How to make a return on ManoMano?

    The procedure to follow
    1. Log into your account with your e-mail address and associated password.
    2. In the "My orders" section, you will find the "Online assistance" section and then "Return and refund"
    3. Choose the item "Return an item".
    4. Now you just have to write the message and send it.

    How to track a ManoMano package?

    Click on "ACCOUNT" then on "My purchases" Click on the order in question .... The information relating to the status of the order is communicated by e-mail as soon as the package is shipped, in order to provide you with:
    1. Name of the courier.
    2. Tracking of the package.
    3. Estimated delivery date.

    How to know the name of a courier?

    You can trace the courier's name on the return label you received. Click here to download a facsimile of the return label and find out where to find this information.

    What can be sold on ePRICE?

    How to sell on ePRICE
    1. Create your shop. Insert ordinary chamber of commerce registration, identity documents of the legal representative and bank details.
    2. Manage the catalog. Upload your products manually, via excel file, ...
    3. Start selling. Manage prices, costs and delivery times. ...
    4. Receive payments.

    How to register on Mano mano?

    Account creation on ManoMano
    1. Log on to our website by clicking here.
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Follow the instructions for creating your account.

    How to make an invoice on ManoMano?

    Click on "ACCOUNT", then on "My purchases" to find the order in question. Click on the order, then on the "My invoice" button

    What are the payment methods?

    Payment methods: the complete guide
    • Cash.
    • Credit card.
    • Debit card or prepaid card.
    • ATM or debit card.
    • The so-called bank transfer.
    • Checks.
    • Bank check.
    • Cashier's check.

    Who wrote to Mamo by hand?

    Although many think of A mano a mano as a song by the Calabrian singer-songwriter, it is not his authorship. In fact, the song was written by Riccardo Cocciante. It was included in his album Riccardo Cocciante, released in 1978.

    Who wrote Rino Gaetano by hand?

    Riccardo Cocciante A mano a mano / Composers A mano a mano is a musical piece by Riccardo Cocciante, written by the singer-songwriter himself together with Marco Luberti and better known in the version of Rino Gaetano. The song comes from the 1978 studio album Riccardo Cocciante. The song is inspired by a finished love.
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