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    How reliable is Depop?

    How reliable is Depop?

    How reliable is Depop?

    Be careful it's full of scammers..I have been scammed by a fake payer..Never make sales outside the app..but above all always contact the sellers before buying because if they don't send them your money back they won't it will certainly depop and recovering them will be impossible.

    How much does Depop take in commissions?

    Take into account shipping and commissions Depop retains 10% of the sale price (including shipping), and to Depop's commissions are added those of PayPal: 3,4% of the sale price (including shipping) + € 0,35.

    How does the sale on Depop work?

    1. Sign up or log into your Depop account.
    2. click on the camera image in the lower center.
    3. provide the requested information about yourself and the products you want to sell.
    4. connect your Paypal account.
    5. enter all your details.

    How do you ship on Depop?

    Go with your package to the nearest post office / courier with the address of your buyers and ship. 4. Keep in touch with your buyers. Let them know you've shipped their item by marking it as shipped within the app and entering the shipping details.

    How not to get scammed on Depop?

    How to buy safely?
    1. Buy only and exclusively through the BUY button. ...
    2. Always check the seller's reviews. ...
    3. Ask the seller what their return policies are. ...
    4. Beware of counterfeit items. ...
    5. If it's too good to be true, you're probably right.

    How do you pay on Depop?

    Depop allows you to pay with PayPal, or by credit / debit card. Below is an example of the steps for a purchase I made recently.

    How do they pay me if I sell on Depop?

    When you sell an item, Depop automatically charges you a 10% commission on the total, including shipping costs. This is automatically charged to your Paypal account, or to the card connected to it, which you connected to Depop before receiving the rest of the amount.

    How does Depop make money?

    Total is understood to include shipping costs; for example, if you sell a product for 100 euros, with shipping costs of 10 euros, Depop retains 10 euros for the transaction. In addition to this we must calculate the commissions that paypal takes for payment transactions.

    How to delete an item for sale on Depop?

    Have you just changed your mind and want to cancel the transaction? Easy: notify the buyer immediately and refund the payment via your Paypal account (Login> Recent transactions> Details> Refund).

    Who pays for Depop shipping?

    How to ship a package with Depop Depop, unlike other platforms, leaves the seller responsible for shipping items to their buyers. The cost of shipping is always borne by the buyer. So remember to indicate the shipping costs for each item you sell on Depop.

    How long do I have to ship on Depop?

    The chosen courier will carry out the collection at your home and in 24/48 hours the package will be delivered to the recipient.

    How to cancel an item for sale on Depop?

    Have you just changed your mind and want to cancel the transaction? Easy: notify the buyer immediately and refund the payment via your Paypal account (Login> Recent transactions> Details> Refund).

    How does the payment with Depop work?

    When you make a sale, the money is securely sent to the PayPal account you connected to Depop. You can decide whether to leave the money there for future transactions or transfer it to your bank account or credit card. You can transfer the money by logging into

    How to connect a PayPal account to Depop?

    How do I connect my PayPal account?
    1. Tap the 'Profile' icon at the bottom right.
    2. Tap the 'Settings' icon at the top right.
    3. Tap 'PayPal'

    Who can sell on Depop?

    Depop is an online platform that allows you to sell and buy new and second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories. Depop is easy, fast and safe. Furthermore, it is perfect for all those who want to sell clothing and objects that they no longer use and for those who wish to buy them.

    How to disable the buy button on Depop?

    Usually users notify via chat before buying, but it is not an obligation, in fact the buy button is always active and cannot be deactivated. At any time you could sell an item and you need to be ready to ship it.

    How to contact Depop for a refund?

    When contacting us, you will need to send us: @username) your PayPal email address. the buyer's Depop username (e.g. @username)

    How to send a shirt?

    Place clothes in plastic bags to prevent moisture damage. Place the clothes to be shipped inside the box and fill in any gaps with newspaper or wrapping material. Close and seal the box with plenty of adhesive tape.
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