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    How old was Richard Gere?

    How old was Richard Gere?

    How old was Richard Gere?

    Age 72 (August 31, 1949) Richard Gere / Age

    In what year was Richard Gere born?

    August 31, 1949 (age 72), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Richard Gere / Birth

    How old was Richard Gere when he made Pretty Woman?

    Richard Gere. The American actor, despite the white hair has been with him for a long time, maintains an innate and natural charm. In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere lent his face to the male lead, billionaire businessman Edward Lewis. At the time, the star was 41, today she is 72.

    How does the Pretty Woman movie end?

    If you have never seen Pretty Woman, the ending of the film is spoiled below. Edward (Richard Gere) rides in his limo and stops outside Vivian's (Julia Roberts) house holding a bouquet of red roses.

    How old is Richard Gere's first child?

    The little one of the Gere family: Homer is only 20 years old The boy is also very reserved, and there is not much information about him online. However, father and son both have the same passion for travel, and the two are really very close.
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