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    How old was Pele when he won the World Cup?

    How old was Pele when he won the World Cup?

    How old was Pele when he won the World Cup?

    17 years It was the world championship of the consecration of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, aka Pele, Brazilian number 10. O Rei took the record as youngest scorer (against Wales) in a world and youngest world champion in history, at 17 years and 249 days.

    How many World Cups has Pele won with Brazil goal?

    With the Brazil shirt, Pelé played in a total of 92 games (67 wins, 14 draws and 11 defeats) scoring 77 goals (best scorer of the Brazilian national team ever with an average of 0,837 goals per game) and winning three World Cups.

    How many times have France won the World Cup?

    He has won two world championships (France 1998 and Russia 2018), two European championships (France 1984 and Belgium-Netherlands 2000) and two Confederations Cups (South Korea-Japan 2001 and France 2003).

    When did Pele's career end?

    1 October 1977 Pelé / End of career

    How many goals did Pele have?

    That said, the myth of Pele often goes beyond the limits of objectivity, especially when it comes to goals. The incredible record of 1281 goals scored in his career (FIFA statistics) represents a number as exceptional as it is disputed.

    How many World Cups has Maradona won?

    Diego Armando Maradona (Lanús, October 30, 1960 - Tigre, November 25, 2020) was an Argentine football manager, sports manager and footballer, an attacking midfielder, world champion in 1986 and vice world champion in 1990 with the Argentine national team.

    Which footballer has scored the most goals in history?

    Top scorers in official matches
    PosFootball playerTotal networks
    1// Josef Bican820
    2Cristiano Ronaldo808
    3Lionel Messi779
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