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    How old is Rosario Fiorello's daughter Angelica?

    How old is Rosario Fiorello's daughter Angelica?

    How old is Rosario Fiorello's daughter Angelica?

    13 year old daughter Angelica Fiorello Angelica Fiorello was born in 2006, so she is now a beautiful 13 year old.

    Why does Fiorello suffer for his daughter?

    "I have a teenage daughter and I suffer for her - he says with a voice broken by emotion - For me the best moment in life was recreation, it was going to the cinema in the afternoon with friends, it was waiting for the most beautiful of the third C to be able to see when he got out of school.

    When was Fiorello's daughter born?

    From the marriage and love with Susanna Bionda in 2006 was born Angelica, the daughter. In fact, her name was chosen by Oliva Testa, the first daughter of Susanna Biondo with whom she has a wonderful relationship.

    How old is Olivia's head?

    Who is Olivia Testa Twenty-seven years old, reserved and far from the spotlight, there is not much information about Olivia Testa that can be found. She lives in Rome, like her mother and Fiorello, who has always been like a second father for her.

    Who are Rosario Fiorello's children?

    Angelica Fiorello Fiorello / Children

    Who is Rosario Fiorello's daughter?

    Angelica Fiorello Fiorello / Daughters

    Who is Olivia Testa's dad?

    Born in 1993 by Susanna Biondo and the entrepreneur Edoardo Testa, Olivia was raised by Fiorello as if she were his daughter. The girl has always lived away from the spotlight, so much so that her family has hardly talked about her.

    Who is Fiorello's father?

    Nicola Fiorello Fiorello / Fathers His father Nicola is a radio telegraph operator of the Guardia di Finanza and is originally from Letojanni (ME) and his mother Rosaria Galeano is originally from Giardini-Naxos.
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