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    How old is Heather Parisi's dad?

    How old is Heather Parisi's dad?

    How old is Heather Parisi's dad?

    Heather Parisi was born in Hollywood, her grandfather, Frank Parisi, was originally from Terravecchia, a Calabrian town in the province of Cosenza. Her parents, Anita Parisi and Norman Werby, separated when she Heather was one year old, and she never saw her father again until she was 28.

    How old are you for Parisi?

    The dancer is 1 meter and 63 centimeters tall with a perfectly trained body, despite her 61 years.

    When were Heather Parisi's children born?

    Heather Parisi has 4 children: the eldest daughter Rebecca Jewel (1994), born from the marriage with her first husband Giorgio Manenti; Jacqueline Luna (2000), born from the relationship with Giovanni Di Giacomo; the twins Elizabeth and Dylan (2010), children of the second husband Umberto Maria Anzolin.

    How old is Heather Parisi today?

    61 years old (January 27, 1960) Heather Parisi / Age

    Where does Heather Parisi currently live?

    Dancer, singer, actress, Heather Parisi achieved incredible success in those years. But have you ever seen where the former Fantastico star lives? Parisi has lived in Hong Kong since 2011, together with her husband, the entrepreneur Umberto Maria Anzolin and the couple's twins, Elizabeth and Dylan, born in 2010.
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