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    How old is Cristina D'Avena?

    How old is Cristina D'Avena?

    How old is Cristina D'Avena?

    57 years old (6 July 1964) Cristina D'Avena / Age The queen of the theme songs tells a bit of her world to the microphones, involving listeners in the memories of cartoons and making them feel like children again. Cristina D'Avena is 57 years old: she was born in Bologna on 6 July 1964, under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

    How old are AVEB?

    The singer was born on 6 July 1964 (age 56) in Bologna. She is 160 cm tall, but we have no information on her weight. But she is still in great physical shape anyway.

    Who sang with Cristina D'Avena at the Zecchino d'Oro?

    zecchino d'oro 1968 the waltz of the gnat cristina d'avena - Video Dailymotion.

    How tall and how much does Cristina D'Avena weigh?

    Cristina D'Avena biography and career About one meter and sixty tall, weighing fifty kilos, the singer of the most beloved cartoon themes was born in Bologna on 6 July 1964.

    How tall is Donatella Rettore?

    1,75 m Donatella Rector / Height

    Who was at the Zecchino d'oro with Cristina Davena?

    Christmas with the Zecchino d'Oro: with Cristina D'Avena and Edoardo Bennato on Rai1.
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