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    How old does it take to use TikTok?

    How old does it take to use TikTok?

    How old does it take to use TikTok?

    The Services and the Platform are reserved exclusively for users with a minimum age of 13. You may use the Services and the Platform through the TikTok Mobile Apps (“App”) and the TikTok Website (“Website”). Some functions are only available in the App.

    How does TikTok privacy work?

    Step 1 - Go to Me, then tap on the three dots located in the top right corner. Step 2 - Go to Privacy then Who can send you direct messages then select a setting. Stitch encourages users to reinterpret and add content to other users' content.

    How to remove the limited setting on TikTok?

    First, go to TikTok and check that Restricted Mode is activated at the top. Now click on your profile icon. The next thing you should do is click on the top menu in the corner represented by three dots. Now you will see that there is a section that says 'Digital detox'.

    When is TikTok blocked?

    Here are some possible causes that may have contributed to blocking your account: Excessive use of TikTok bots to pump likes or for other illegal purposes. Under 13 years of age - here you will find instructions on how to change your date of birth. Using different IP addresses for access.

    How to see TikTok without having TikTok?

    Here is the list of free and functional services in 2021 that allow you to see a TikTok profile without an account: → Brainans - very fast service to watch all the TikTok videos of any profile, just enter the name of the account to watch (with or without @ ) or enter a hashtag.

    How to see TikTok online?

    It is possible to see the trending videos on the computer or those with the most views also from the official website by connecting to ““. To search via Hashtag on the official website you have to enter this address “
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