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    How much is 30 cum laude in the Unife weighted average?

    How much is 30 cum laude in the Unife weighted average?

    How much is 30 cum laude in the Unife weighted average?

    In fact, the student council approved the amendment to the student regulations unanimously proposed by the "Mue" Estense University Movement in collaboration with another association, according to which a grade of 30 and honors will be evaluated as 31 points.

    How much is 30 and praise worth to Wisdom?

    The 30 e Lode is calculated as 30. For those enrolled in a specialist degree course, must the weighted average required be calculated on all the exams taken (those taken in the three-year and those taken in the specialist) or only on those taken in the specialist?

    How much is the Unibo 30 e lode worth?

    It should be noted that: - suitability does not contribute to the average; - the marks in all exams passed, including any exams taken in previous Degree Programs and subsequently recognized by the current Degree Course, count towards the average; - the vote "30 and honors" is equivalent to the vote 30.

    How much are the Unipa praises worth?

    Determination of the degree mark In the calculation of the initial mark, a maximum score of 3 points can be added according to the number of honors obtained by the student and to the extent of 0.5 points for each honors.

    Which average is valid for the degree?

    Calculating the degree average is very simple: just multiply the weighted average x 110 (i.e. the maximum score obtainable for the degree) and divide the result by 30 (the maximum score obtainable for a university exam).

    How much is praise to Wisdom worth?

    113 rounding points at the end; for the honors it is necessary to reach the total score of 113 points and the unanimity of the Commission.

    How much are the honors worth for the degree?

    How much are the honors worth? The university regulations can attribute the following value to honors: one point for each honors, establishing a maximum ceiling beyond which it is not possible to go; one point for every two praises; do not define any calculation criteria.

    What is the average for having 110 and honors?

    The test is passed with a minimum grade of 66/110. In the event of a maximum vote (110/110), the Commission can grant honors on a unanimous decision. The average results from the transformation into one hundred and ten of the average of the marks in the exams, which, on the other hand, is expressed in thirty.

    How many honors for Unibo 110 e lode?

    whoever has an average of 28 or 29 and 5 honors, gets an additional point; whoever has an average of 29 and presents a final test rated Excellent (= 2 points), gets an additional point. those who graduate in progress and have at least an average of 100/110 get an additional point.

    How much is Unipa 30 e lode worth?

    In the calculation of the initial grade, a point out of 3 can be added for every three honors obtained in the exams up to a maximum of 27 points (For example, a weighted average of 30/6 and 99 honors determine an initial grade of 110/2 + 110/XNUMX).
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