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    How much is € 1 Spanish worth?

    How much is € 1 Spanish worth?

    How much is € 1 Spanish worth?

    Circulation, Value:
    YearBrandPrice, EUR
    2019M€ 1.00
    2018M€ 1.00
    2017M€ 1.00

    What currency was there in Spain?

    Euro Spain / Currencies The peseta was the currency of Spain and Andorra (in Andorra together with the French franc) prior to the euro, ie until 1999. It was originally divided into 100 céntimos or, informally, 4 reales. The ISO 4217 code was ESP.

    How much is € 1 Spanish 2002 worth?

    COIN 1 EURO Spain 2002 very rare - EUR 800,00 | PicClick IT.

    What is represented behind the Spanish 1 and 2 euro coins?

    the 1 and 2 euro coins show, for the first series, the effigy of King Juan Carlos I of Spain and were designed by Luis José Diaz, while for the second series they show the effigy of King Philip VI of Spain. All denominations have the 12 stars and the year of minting.

    How much is € 1 Spanish 2017 worth?


    How much is € 1 Spanish 2000 worth?

    YearCountry€ Fdc

    How much does a coffee cost in Spain?

    What is the average cost of lunch in Spain? In Spain, a typical fast food meal costs: EUR 7.50 for a McMeal at McDonalds or BurgerKing (or similar combination meal), and EUR 2.30 for a cheeseburger. For coffee lovers: cappuccino coffee 1.60 EUR and espresso 1.20 EUR.

    How much was a pesetas worth in 1900?

    Circulation, Value:
    YearBrandPrice, EUR
    1901SMV ✶€ 15.82
    1900SMV ✶€ 7.00
    1899SGV€ 16.00

    How much is 2 euro Spain 2002 worth?

    YearCountry€ Fdc

    What is represented on the euro?

    The € 1 and € 2 coins depict the eagle, emblem of German sovereignty, surrounded by the stars of the European Union. The Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the division between the two Germanys and their subsequent reunification, appears on the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins.

    How much is 1 Spanish euro 2001 worth?

    YearCountry€ Fdc

    How much are € 0 50 Spain 2000 worth?

    50 cents Spain 2000 The 50 Spanish cents dedicated to Cervantes in 2000 have a peculiarity: they are not all worth the same. Those minted in the canonical manner are worth four times their value, that is 2 euros.

    How much is a 1999 Spanish euro worth?

    YearCountry€ Fdc

    How much does a lunch cost in Spain?

    Prices in restaurants in Spain.
    Meal in an inexpensive restaurant€11 (8.00-16)$13 (9.40-19)
    Cappuccino (normal)€1.60 (1.00-2.80)$1.90 (1.20-3.30)
    Espresso€1.20 (0.70-2.00)$1.40 (0.82-2.30)
    Cheeseburger (fast food)€2.30 (2.10-2.40)$2.60 (2.50-2.80)

    How much does a beer cost in Spain?

    Cost of Living in Spain
    Bottle of wine (medium level)5,00 €
    National beer (0,5L bottle)0,88 €
    Import beer (0,33L bottle)1,51 €
    20 Pack Cigarettes (Marlboro)5,00 €

    How much was a pesetas in lire worth?


    How much was a Spanish peseta worth?

    Convert Spanish Peseta to Euro
    1.000 ESP6,01012 EUR
    5.000 ESP30,0506 EUR
    10.000 ESP60,1012 EUR
    50.000 ESP300,506 EUR
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