How much does the Tesla base model cost?

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How much does the Tesla base model cost?

How much does the Tesla base model cost?

Tesla Model 3 price list
ModelPrice (euro)kW-CV
Model 3 50 kWh Standard Plus RWD49.970225 – 306
Model 3 75 kWh Long Range Dual Motor AWD55.970350 – 476
Model 3 75 kWh Performance Dual Motor 4WD61.970360 – 490

What is the least expensive Tesla?

Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is the smallest and least expensive of the cars produced by the Californian manufacturer specializing in electric models.

How much does the used Tesla cost?

How much does a used Tesla cost?
75 Tesla Model Sby 34.400 to 75.000
85 Tesla Model Sby 26.500 to 69.000
Tesla Model S P 85Dby 37.000 to 50.500
Tesla Model S 90Dby 65.000 to 99.500

How much does a used Tesla Model 3 cost?

A used Tesla Model 3, here are some offers on the net
VersionRegistration and Km donePrice
Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus09/2019 6.835 XNUMX km51.500 €
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range08/2019 5.000 XNUMX km52.000 €
Tesla Model 3 Long Range03/2019 18.500 XNUMX km59.890 €
Tesla Model 3 Long Range04/2019 18.000 XNUMX km59.999 €

How much does Tesla Roadster cost?

215.000 euros of final price, therefore, to take home, at least virtually, the 1,9-second Roadster.

How much does a Model 3 with incentives cost?

Tesla Model 3 The average of the House led by Elon Musk goes, thanks to the 2021 incentives, from 49970 to less than 40000 euros.
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