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    How much does it cost to switch from Tim to Kena?

    How much does it cost to switch from Tim to Kena?

    How much does it cost to switch from Tim to Kena?

    The transition from TIM to Kena Mobile does not involve any cost either for the activation or for the purchase of the SIM.

    How to switch to Kena from Coopvoce?

    Change manager: switch to Kena buying a new sim To change manager and activate Kena you need to buy a new sim, you can do it online or by going to a Kena store.

    How to switch from Tim to virtual operator?

    To be able to switch to an online virtual operator you need to:
    1. Create an account on the virtual operator site.
    2. A photocopy of a valid, unexpired identity document.
    3. The ICCID code of the SIM card if you decide to transfer your current phone number to the new carrier.

    How to switch from Tim to Iliad?

    When you go to an Iliad store, you just need to talk to an operator communicating your decision to make the switch from Tim to Iliad by activating one of the available offers and providing everything you need what you will be asked for, such as your personal data, your document of identity, etc.

    How do I switch from TIM to KENA mobile?

    The most expensive offers to switch to Kena Mobile are those that provide for number portability from operators such as TIM, Vodafone and WindTre. In this case, the only offer that can be activated is the one at € 12,99 / month. Alternatively, you can simply activate a new number or triangulate.

    How to switch from Tim to HO without changing number?

    You can switch from Tim to Ho mobile by keeping your number, by purchasing the sim online on the Ho operator's website and then, through the app, carry out the portability of your number by following a series of steps.

    How to switch to KENA from WindTre?

    The Offer Switches to Kena from Wind Tre in September 2021 .... Change operator: 90 GB for € 7,95 / month!
    Kena Mobile € 12,99 / month70 Giga; Unlimited minutes and SMS; For those who activate a new Kena Mobile number or make portability from WindTre, TIM and Vodafone
    Portability info and operator change on number 95

    How much does it cost to switch from WindTre to Ho Mobile?

    € 13,99 Switching from Wind Tre to Ho Mobile without changing number The € 13,99 per month offer dedicated to those who want to switch to Ho Mobile from Wind Tre is available without having to change their mobile number.

    Which operators rely on Wind Tre?

    Virtual operators that rely on the WindTre network
    • VeryMobile (ESP MVNO)
    • PosteMobile (Full MVNO)
    • Spusu (Full MVNO)
    • NV mobile (ESP MVNO)
    • UniMoble (ATR)
    • Green Telecommunications (ATR)
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