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    How much does it cost to do the Bitest in hospital?

    How much does it cost to do the Bitest in hospital?

    How much does it cost to do the Bitest in hospital?

    While the nuchal translucency is exempt from the ticket as it is inserted as an ultrasound scan of the first trimester, the Bi-Test instead requires the payment of 50 euros and must be prescribed by the General Practitioner or by the Advisory or Hospital doctors: the Bi-Test is not inserted within the services included in the ...

    When to do nuchal translucency and Bitest?

    This examination is carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy: it can only be done from week 11 to week 13 + 6; before or after this period it is not possible to correctly measure the liquid that accumulates under the skin of the nape of the fetus (we will see it very soon).

    How long for Bitest result?

    The answer is available in approximately three weeks (21 days). The examination may fail due to technical problems relating to the collection or cell culture (less than 1% of cases). This event is reported after about 10-15 days. Eventually the collection could be repeated.

    How much does the nuchal translucency exam cost?

    The cost of the nuchal translucency, privately, is very variable depending on the center you use, in general between € 100 and over € 300 *.

    How should the result of the Bitest be?

    The result is expressed as a fraction where the minimum threshold value is 1/250 and indicates the negativity of the test. As it is easy to deduce, a young woman has a very low risk forecast (1/1500), while for a 45-year-old woman a very high risk (1/25) is conceivable.

    What to do before nuchal translucency?

    The bi test is prescribed by the specialist doctor (gynecologist or medical geneticist). Fasting is not required prior to blood sampling, while nuchal translucency may require a full bladder at the time of ultrasound.

    In what month is Bitest held?

    2. When you do. Both the protein dosing and the nuchal translucency are usually done between the 11th and 13th week. In this period of gestation, in fact, a better visualization of the nuchal fold is possible and the blood dosages show the greatest sensitivity.

    How do you read the values ​​of the duo test?

    How do you read the results If the risk is lower (for example one in 2000) it means that there is less chance than the average of having an affected child, while if the risk is higher (one in 100, for example) it means that odds are higher or much higher than the average.

    What to write about a recipe for Bitest?

    In order to perform the ultrasound for Nucal Translucency it is necessary: ​​a) to bring the referral from the NHS (red prescription) with the words “obstetric ultrasound for Nucal Translucency” b) the receipt of the payment of the ticket.
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