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    How much does a Rolex cost in Switzerland?

    How much does a Rolex cost in Switzerland?

    How much does a Rolex cost in Switzerland?

    The site bought about 100 'Daytona' model watches from Rolex and offered them for 5.700 Swiss francs each (around 4.660 euros), against a list price of 11.400 Swiss francs.

    Where to buy Rolex in Switzerland?

    • Bucherer Geneva Rhône Rue du Rhône 451204 GenevaSwitzerland.
    • Bucherer Geneva Mont-Blanc Quai du Mont-Blanc 11201 GenevaSwitzerland.
    • Chrono-Time Rue de la Fontaine 31204 GenevaGenevaSwitzerland.
    • Bucherer Boutique Rolex Geneva Airport Post office 1461215 Geneva Switzerland.

    How much do watches cost in Switzerland?

    If new, a branded Swiss watch with a mechanical movement costs around € 1.000. In the most accessible price range there are models from brands such as Chronoswiss, Maurice Lacroix, Oris and Raymond Weil.

    Where should you buy Rolex watches?

    The new Rolex watches are available exclusively from authorized dealers, regularly procured, who independently manage the assignments of timepieces to their customers. Contact an authorized Rolex dealer to find out about the availability of the models.

    What can you buy in Switzerland?

    Those who visit Switzerland often return with a good load of traditional products, such as chocolate or cheeses. Technological products are also very popular, such as mobile phones, tablets and many others, in addition to the inevitable typical gadgets.

    Where to buy Rolex without waiting?

    Is there a way to get the coveted Rolex models without waiting long? The Watchmaster online shop offers you the easiest way to avoid waiting times. There you will find some of the most popular models and numerous other luxury watches - prepared by our watchmakers and available immediately.

    Where is it worth buying a watch?

    Ebay Watches: Why buy luxury wristwatches in the “Ebay watches” section One of the most famous sites to buy watches and to buy online watches for everything and more is definitely ebay, in fact also for ebay watches it is an open world.
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