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    How much does a kg of mignon pastries cost?

    How much does a kg of mignon pastries cost?

    How much does a kg of mignon pastries cost?

    5 answers Sorry, what do you mean by mignon gastronomy? Pastry can be mignon: here, if I'm not mistaken, around 18/20 € _kg.

    What does a kilo of pastries cost?

    The same goes for the single portion of cakes, because eaten in a pastry shop, each type costs € 8, but if you take away they give you the amount based on the weight and it can cost less. over a year ago. if you buy the miniature they are € 50 per KG while the bigger ones go to € 70.

    How much does it cost to eat at Massari?

    Iginio Massari's menu and prices The single-portion desserts cost € 9,00 each or € 70,00 / kg; the cakes 55,00 € / Kg; colombe or traditional panettone € 40,00 / kg and chocolate panettone € 44,00 / kg.

    How many kg of pastries for 10 people?

    On average 1,5Kg every 10 people.

    What to eat at Iginio Massari?

    The choice of formats is small, but the variety of desserts is very wide, there are: classic pastries (sfogliatelle, cannoncini, cream puffs), dry pastries, macarons, chocolates, fruit jellies, single portion cakes, savory pastries.

    How much does an Iginio Massari cream puff cost?

    1,5 euros We are not in a starred restaurant, so surely even "mere mortals" can approach the counter and perhaps order a cream puff (at 1,5 euros each, while the price per kilo of the mignon pastry is 55 euro), a macaron (1,8 euro each) or even dare with a "single portion", sweets that are a ...

    How much do the mignon weigh?

    Mignon Bignè Packaging: Delicate morsel filled with Pistachio cream. The package has a weight of 1 KG and contains about 24 pieces with variable weight from 40 GR and 60 GR.

    How many pastas for 20 people?

    But let's see the individual sweets: the puffs being a small dessert at least 3 pieces for each, so 60 puffs for 20 people. The same reasoning applies to the coconut balls, 60/70 pieces; for the cream or cream roll, 30 pieces; also muffins and cupcakes 30 pieces of each; almond cakes about 50 pieces.

    How much does a Sardinian amaretto weigh?

    20 gr each? More or less 20 grams of sweetness each.
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